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Self care is such a popular term and the first thing that comes to mind is spa days and brunch. But before you roll your eyes, let me assure you, this spring self care tip is about handling your business.

A part of my spring cleaning and self care is making sure that I’m handling my business, from something as simple as making my annual appointments to paying my bills on time. So in this self care tips for spring post, here are a few ways you can stay on point in this new season.

  • Make Your Annual Appointments: I absolutely despise going to the dentist, but I love nice, healthy clean teeth so I make sure to stay on top of my annual visits. I know healthcare is expensive (I didn’t have insurance coverage for almost two years) but once I was able to, I got my check-ups. Health is wealth, so this spring, let’s take care of ourselves

  • Get your Affairs in Order: I know no one likes to talk about the end of life care, but it’s so very important to have your final wishes and those of your loved ones documented. Recently, I had this talk with my parents and we all sat down and wrote out our final wishes so that should anything happen, no one would be unprepared in the midst of grief.
  • Get Your Vitamin D: “Everybody loves the sunshine…” is not just an amazing song, it’s really the truth that every body loves (and needs) the sunshine. The days are getting longer, the sun is peeking through a little more and my favorite thing to do is sunbathe. It’s proven that getting more sun boosts your mood and your immune system, what better way to get in some spring self care than being out in the warm sun? Grab your sunscreen and your sunglasses and soak up some rays.

I hope these easy self-care tips will help get your spring off to a wonderful start. Let me know some ways that you’re handling your business and making your self care a priority .

XOXO Lydia Marie

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