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Hello and welcome! I’m Lydia Marie, a 40 something beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Charlotte. I’m creating a beautiful life while on a budget and sharing my love and knowledge of makeup and skincare in the process. My love of beauty extends beyond makeup. I love skincare, fashion and art and believe that all of these things encompass what my blog is about. If I’m not out scouting beauty bargains, you can catch me on Youtube giving tutorials and shopping tips, or out and about in Charlotte trying new things.

  • Amazing Skincare Products Under $25
    This year, I vowed to use the products that I already have before buying more. I recently did an end of the year purge of my beauty products and kept only what I needed, what I hadn’t used yet etc. What I discovered was I had some pretty amazing skincare products, and a lot of …
  • A How To Guide to Layering Your Skincare
    Hello and welcome back to Skincare Sunday. Today I’m giving you a how to guide to layering your skincare for maximum effect. Below, the steps that I’m listing will follow after your cleanser. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know how I feel about facial cleansers. My belief is that facial …
  • How to Choose The Right Foundation
    As much makeup as I own and review, I have to admit that finding the right foundation can still be hard. There are so many releases of foundation in the last year that it was hard to figure out how what to buy and what to leave in the store. In this beginner makeup series, …

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