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“Remind yourself, nobody built like you, you designed yourself”- Shawn Corey Carter

Today marks day 5 of the #mjconsistency challenge for July. To say it was easy would be a definite lie. Yes, I had planned content (up until today) and some of that content didn’t make it as scheduled because I got caught up in looking at what other content creators were posting and I scrapped more than one post. Hey, I’m Lydia and sometimes I struggle with the ugliness of comparing myself to others.

According to my many therapy sessions on this matter (ha!) this is natural, to an extent. Where I have to be careful in getting off my game is when I compare all of my work to someone else and then think that what I’m doing is not good enough. And let me tell you, that is false. Completely and utterly false. My posts on this blog, my Youtube, and my Instagram all reflect me and my authentic self. I don’t have anyone to compete with except me. The quote above is from a song by Jay-Z called ‘A Dream”. I repeat this line to myself so often, it’s almost my life mantra. To sound a little cliche, I’m in my own lane. That is something that I have to remember. I don’t compete or compare myself and my influencer/blogging journey to anyone else, it gets me nowhere. And while drawing influence from someone is totally fine, depending on a stranger’s post to pick apart my own is destructive.

So, I’m reminding myself that I am just as good and worthy and working hard to achieve the end goal of my content creator life. I’m learning a ton of good information from the Influencer Master Class, and from making a ton of mistakes. I looked back on my Instagram page from even three months ago, and the difference in my quality of content is astounding. Nobody built like me, and I’m not built like anyone else. I have my moments of thinking I’m not good enough, I’m human, but I do not allow myself to stay there. I just get another post ready, work on my iPhone photography skills, learn a new makeup technique to share, and KEEP GOING.

XOXOXO-Lydia Marie

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