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Write the vision and make it plain….though it tarries, wait for it because it will SURELY come..”

It’s a new year! We made it out of 2020, mostly in tact, if not a little worse for wear. The new year is all about changes, resolutions and commitments to do things differently. Whether that excitement sticks around through the rest of the year remains to be seen. I didn’t do any new year resolutions, in fact I haven’t set any in forever. I was never good at sticking to them, and after a while it became performative. I’ve found a new way to track my plans and goals by simply writing them down.

Write It Out

Back in 2017, I was going through one of the worst periods of my life. I was living in a city where I had no real connections to friends or family. I was STRUGGLING to make even the most basic things in life work. At that time, I had the opportunity to move back in with my parents. It was a difficult decision, because I in no way, shape or form wanted to move to Omaha again. But, the city I was in was literally pushing me out and I knew it was time to go. While at my parent’s I had the time to regroup and recharge. I used that time between December 2017 until we left in July 2018 to get clear on exactly how I wanted my life to be.

After deciding that I was moving to Charlotte, I wrote down everything that I wanted from this move. From the type of apartment I wanted, to the area of town I wanted to move into, the type of job I wanted and the money that I wanted to make. Earlier that month, I was listening to an episode of the popular podcast, The Friend Zone and the episode was called The Glow Up. During the wellness segment, the host talked about giving your life GPS. She suggested writing down in your journal, not how you want your life to look, but how you wanted your life to FEEL.

I was shook because I’d never thought about how I wanted life to feel and I honestly had to think hard about that. So, I wrote down how I wanted my Monday mornings to feel. Then I wrote down how my home would feel, and how I would feel when I went to work. You see the theme here?

Giving my Life GPS

About a year after I moved and was settled in Charlotte, I came across my notebook where I’d written down my vision of my move. Every single thing that I wrote and said I wanted from this move, I got exactly that. I was SHOOK to see it in writing and then to look around and know I was living my vision. From that moment on, I was a believer in writing it down and making it plain. The scripture referenced in the title is from the KJV Habakkuk chapter 2:3. Instead of a new year’s resolution, I wrote out my vision for how I want my 2021 to feel. I was specific, naming names, naming brands, listing out income. All of it, I wrote it down.

Make It Plain

Manifestation is great, it really is but…..What is the rest? Making my desires known, first to myself and then to the universe and being specific has changed my life. I always heard that thoughts become things, what I think about and focused on became my reality. So, I changed my mind, and got quiet. I did not broadcast my vision or goals, instead, I continue to write them out. What I found happened when I wrote out my dreams, prayers and aspirations were:

  • I could be specific as possible, writing every nuance out on paper made it real
  • Writing out my biggest, most audacious plans, and keeping them private kept judgement or unsolicited opinions at bay.
  • Its fun to come back to what you’ve written and see how it all manifested.
  • I became clear on my intentions for myself and held myself accountable.

You can write out the biggest to the smallest dreams and visions for yourself. Trick your brain into believing that your vision is ALREADY your life. That’s why when someone asks what I do, I say I’m a beauty blogger. Period. I speak that over my life because that is the direction that I am headed. By the time my career catches up with the vision, I won’t be surprised because I already knew it.

This year instead of resolutions, I encourage you to write it out. Whatever the It Is for you, write it down and make it plain. When your vision catches up with your life, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and ready to step into your fullness. Here’s to manifesting AND working towards your vision and dreams.

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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