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“Every day you’re alive is a special occasion”- Unknown

Yesterday started as just another mundane Wednesday. Nothing particularly awesome or terrible about the day, just the middle of the week sameness. This week working from home, I found myself looking a mess around the house. Yes, I’m just around the house and I’m here alone so who is going to see me, right? Wrong. I do not feel my best when I don’t look good. So I got dressed and sat at my vanity and pulled out some makeup and proceeded to do a full face. Just because I could.

I often have to check myself on waiting for something special to happen before I do something that makes me feel good. Especially since we have been in quarantine these past four months, there haven’t been many special occasions for me. But as I am reminded often, I am the special occasion. I wear my good, expensive perfume for no reason other than it’s a Tuesday. I put on makeup to look good for me (and to take a million selfies). I don’t save my pretty undergarments for a date. I wear lingerie to bed even if I’m sleeping alone. I eat and drink from the good dishes because I can. There is no reason for me to save anything for a better time. With all of the terrible things happening in this world, I can’t think of a better time to treat myself well and with care, can you?

So yes, I had on a full face of my makeup yesterday, in the house alone. But that little bit of care for myself did my spirit so much good. I encourage you to make yourself a special occasion and let that be enough to wear, drink, eat, or use that thing that you’ve been waiting to break out. You deserve, you’re special enough.

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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