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TikTok, love it or hate it, but it’s been setting trends since early 2020. From viral dance routines, voice over skits and makeup tips, the app has it all. The trend that’s gotten my attention lately is the viral Latte makeup, it’s truly the IT girl look of the summer.

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What Exactly Is the Latte Makeup Trend?

To me, the latte makeup look is a cute twist on the bronzed, soft glam look that’s been done and redone for years. The latte look is basically a warm bronzed look, with shades of brown, caramels, tans and even cream on the cheeks, lips and eyes.

For your complexion, you want a little bit of radiance or a soft glow. I used the Skin-Caring Glow Foundation from YSL and the Halo Glow Liquid Filter from E.L.F, both products that give you a healthy glow.

A Little Latte before Work

Using a cream contour or bronzer brings in the element of warmth, also I found that using cream versus powder kept the glowing theme going. In the photo above, I’m using my go-to Soft Sculpt Skin Enhancer from Makeup by Mario. On my eyelids, I went with more chocolates and tans using a neutral palette from Dose of Colors. You can even add a cream shade for the full “milk and coffee’ effect, which I also prefer.

You can also play up your lips with this trend, using chocolate or a neutral gloss. The gloss part is important here, because the latte makeup trend is not about the mattes. For reference, check out the Morphe DripGlass Drenched High Pigment Gloss in the shade Deep Brick.

How the Latte Makeup Trend Got Started

The latte trend started on TikTok when a user saw a photo from celeb makeup artist Tanielle Jai from 2018, they recreated the look and voila, Latte makeup has gone viral. What I love about this trend is that it looks great on every skin tone. In my opinion, this is a great makeup look for mature skin, my over 40 babes can pull this off effortlessly.

Now, it should be noted, I usually snub trends because some of them are down right ridiculous. I mean, hello, the horrific trend of using 10 or more pumps of foundation? Spare me, please.

Also, most of the trends that are discovered on the clock app are renamed and “reinvented” once a white celeb wears it. For example, the trend of ‘brownie glazed lips” was something that Black and Brown girls have been doing for DECADES. But the wife of a famous singer tried it, gave it a new name and it went from ghetto fabulous to classy and chic just like that.

Why the Latte Makeup Trend is that Girl

Personally, this trend is one that will be around for a while because it can easily transition through seasons. Also, as I said above, it literally looks good on everyone. It’s an easy look to pull off and it works for day or night. As with all trends, we know they come and go, and it’s always fun to put your own twist on it. Play around with your lipsticks or gloss, go nude or go for a bold chocolate lip liner with clear gloss. It’s summer so now is the perfect time to go full out with your bronzed cheeks and eyelids. For more inspiration, check out the Youtube video giving your a full tutorial along with product suggestions.

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