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For most beginners to makeup, eyeshadow can be a bit intimidating. It is a needed accessory in a great makeup look and can be used in bold and subtle ways. When I started practicing with makeup, I went for the big and bold colors first. My thought was, colorful eyeshadow meant I had skills. I was totally wrong, as my mentor quickly pointed out to me. Neutral eyeshadow is the mainstay and the blueprint for an amazing eye look. If you can master the use of a neutral eyeshadow palette, then you can master the bold colors.

Neutral colors on the eye act as an enhancer to any other color. They give the eye shape and set the eye to transition from shade to shade. Laying a brown or flesh-toned color in the crease of your eyelid gives a canvas for the shade on your lid to transition into. When using eyeshadow, you do not want to see any harsh lines between different colors.

Neutral eyeshadow also allows for other colors you wear on your face to stand out more. Wearing a beige shimmer eye shadow, you can wear a bold red lip, a bright blush, or an over-the-top highlight and instead of drawing attention away from the eye, it will balance it out. I have a neutral eyeshadow tutorial on my Youtube channel which you can watch here:

Below, I’ve listed my top 3 must-have neutral eyeshadow


First up is Mented Cosmetics Everyday Eyeshadow Palette- This palette has quickly become my new favorite thing since I purchased it back in March. It has 9 pans of neutral eyeshadow that have both shimmer and matte finishes and all of the colors are made for brown skinned girls. There are no ashy or gray shades, they blend well and all of them have the right amount of pigmentation so whether you wear a little or a lot, all of these colors perform well. This palette is very beginner-friendly and the packaging is compact so that it is travel friendly. This retails on the for $28.00

Next up is the Double Entendre palette from ColourPop cosmetics. – This palette has 12 pans of pressed shadows that range from bold shimmer to muted mattes in every neutral shade that you could need. I reach for this palette not just for the color selection but because the shadows are soft and blend easily. Perfect for the beginner just starting out with makeup. At the time of purchase, this palette retailed at Ulta for $18.00. *Note, ColourPop has replaced this palette with one called Nude Mood. It has most of the same shades but retails for $14.00 and has 9 pans.

Lastly is a ride or die palette I’ve had and used for some time now. It is by Wet ‘n Wild Cosmetics and is the cult favorite Comfort Zone palette. This small but mighty palette has 10 pans of various neutral shades ranging from chocolate brown to dark olive to a champagne beige. This palette comes with instructions and suggestions on the back of the package to give the makeup novice assistance on color placement. This gorgeous palette retails at most drugstores for $4.99. It is the best bargain that you could ask for.

How about you? Do you have a favorite neutral shade or palette that you’d recommend to a beginner? If you’re reading this and are a makeup beginner or not as confident with your makeup application, I’d encourage you to get comfy with neutral eyeshadow first. By learning what colors look best on you and how and where to correctly place them on your eye, you’ll be ready to rock a bold and smokey eye in no time.

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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