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With the heat and humidity of summer, I’ve put away the heavy foundation and opted for a skin tint instead. Skin tints have been one of the most popular makeup releases this summer and for good reason. In this post, I’m giving a breakdown of the 5 best skin tints I’ve tried this summer.

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Skin tints are alternatives to foundation that are lighter in coverage. Most skin tints boast that they provide a your skin but better type finish. Skin tints tend to be thinner in consistency than foundation and can be layered to build your desired coverage.

Skin Tints vs Tinted Moisturizers

The difference between a skin tint and a tinted moisturizer comes down to the skin benefits. Tinted moisturizers often have skincare properties that are hydrating, anti aging or brightening. They’re mixed with moisturizers, hence the name so they do more for the skin. Skin Tints primary duty is to give you an even complexion without the heaviness of a foundation.

My Top 5 Skin Tints

  • Ami Cole Skin Enhancing Tinted Moisturizer The best skin tint for your no makeup-makeup days, this tinted moisturizer is lightweight and blends seamlessly. You can go light to medium buildable coverage and use either a brush or your fingers for a natural, radiant finish. This skin tint comes in six flexible shades, which for some can be a bit of a drawback. However, the shades are meant to compliment various undertones in melanin rich skin.
  • Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hr Skin Tint – This is a new skin tint that I added to my stash this summer and it does not disappoint. Though Maybelline says this is light to medium coverage, I found this wears like a lightweight foundation. Vitamin C is a main ingredient in this skin tint, which helps to create a bright, natural look. Most of all, this skin tint is affordable and comes in 18 shades.
  • Danessa Myricks Yummy Serum Skin Tint– A skin tint that gives you a post facial glow? Yes, please! That is the Yummy Serum Skin Tint in a nutshell, hydrating, radiant, glowing skin with one application. Wearing this for the first time, I noticed that it gave an instant blur to my skin. In my opinion, this is very mature skin friendly. With 16 flexible shades, I’m sure there’s a match that’s perfect for you.
  • Fenty Eaze Drop Blurring SkinTint– The Blurring skin tint from Fenty is my tried and true tint. It’s probably my favorite complexion product by the brand. The Eaze Drop is a skin tint comes in 25 flexible shades and does the job of blurring the skin for a flawless finish. It should be noted, the Eaze Drop does not give a radiant finish. In fact, the skin tint provides a soft matte finish that looks like a second skin.
  • The Lip Bar Just a Tint Skin Conditioner– Just a Tint is described as a complexion perfecter and skin moisturizer. Formulated with a light SPF, the TLB skin tint gives a light to medium coverage. This is quite affordable, retailing for 17 dollars and can be found at Target. The one drawback for me is trying to get the correct shade. I had to purchase two before I settled on the shade Caramel Delight.

Check out this video review of the Ami Cole Skin Tint:

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