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Today marks two years since I moved to Charlotte. I remember that day so vividly, I remember how hot it was, how exhausted and relieved I was to finally reach my new home.

This was the beginning of a new chapter of life. I was moving to a new city that I’d only visited once. I was moving into an apartment that I’d never seen and that wasn’t even built when I came to visit. I had all of my belongings in the backseat and the trunk of my car, and I drove 7 hours straight into this new life. Adventurous much?

The story of how I decided to move to Charlotte was as simple as picking three places and deciding which one I liked more. Raleigh-Durham,Nashville and Atlanta were on the list. I kept trying to get to Raleigh to check it out but every time I would mention moving to North Carolina to anyone, their first words were, “ooh, you’re going to love Charlotte!” I wasn’t even thinking or considering Charlotte because I knew so many people in the RDH area, that was my top pick. However, Charlotte kept coming up on my radar, everyone I talked to always said how much they loved this town, strangers and friends alike. At one point I even had a dream that I was finding my way around Charlotte. I took all of this as a sign that it was time for me to add this city to my list of possibilities.

As is my nature, once my mind is made up about something, I’m determined to see it through. I booked a trip to Charlotte for a weekend, rented a car, checked into a hotel and set out to see what the Queen City was all about. I found out the day that I was leaving to visit that I had a cousin in the area. I met up with he and his wife that weekend and they were great with showing me around the Uptown area and offering some insight on the move. The last day in town, it was raining and I was exhausted. As I took one last drive around the area, I decided that Charlotte is where I was moving next. Something about my brief time here made me feel comfortable and I felt that I could really make a life here.

On the plane ride home,I wrote some notes and started on a plan to make the move here permanently. When I got back home, I talked with my parents and devised a timeline of when I wanted to go. I got with an apartment locator in Charlotte and started applying for jobs. Things slowly but surely started to fall into place, it was time to go.

This would be my third time moving across country solo. And I can honestly say, this is the first move I’ve made that was intentional and not made in desperation. This time I wasn’t running from anything or anyone. Manifestation coupled with intention proved that I could do anything I set out to do. I wrote down exactly how I wanted my move to go, what type of home I wanted to live in and what type of job and salary I needed. I got all of those things and more. My intentions were clear, I put in the work and I can say that this was the smoothest move I’d ever had.

Two years in now and I have barely tapped the surface of what this city has to offer. I’ve lived in the same area since I got here, but I’m an explorer and I’ve ventured out to different areas. Unfortunately COVID has put a stop on the social aspect of life right now (dating, making new friends, going to events) but once we are able to get past this, I’ll be ready to continue my explorations. The Queen City has been good to me thus far. I’m looking forward the next phase of life. Remembering to always be intentional and to trust myself, who knows what’s to come, but I’m ready for the ride.

XOXOXO-Lydia Marie

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