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As a teenager, I was lucky not have suffered with acne very much. Who knew that I would have acne in my 40’s? When I was younger, I had the occasional pimple, but never full on breakouts. That streak of luck continued into my 20’s and even into my early 30’s. Then my hormones went wild and along with a slew of other issues, I developed adult acne.

I was completely unprepared to handle this new skin and texture. It took me a while to figure out the cause and the solution to this new problem and there was lots of trial and error. But dealing with hormonal acne in my 40’s, I had to learn how to manage my breakouts.

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The Cause

As stated, my acne started when my hormones changed. I was taking birth control at the time and it didn’t mix well with my system at all. Almost all of the side effects that came with taking extra hormones, I experienced them. Since I tend to breakout along my jawline and chin and that is the area that I pay special attention to. It especially happens around the time of my menstrual cycle which helps me track and treat it promptly. At times I do get small breakouts on my cheek and forehead but they are not nearly as severe as the ones on my jawline. I’ll talk about how I treat these breakouts in the next segment.

The Treatment

The first thing I do when I breakout on my forehead or cheek is to remove any new skin products from my rotation. I try skincare products often and some of those things don’t agree with me. If I get a new breakout, instead of adding things to treat it, I remove the new products and go back to the basics.

I do my intense acne treatments at night by first cleansing with a mild soap or scrub to get rid of any excess oil and buildup. I like the Good Molecules Rosewater Gel Cleanser or the Paula’s Choice Pore Normalizing Cleanser. My cleansers are not harsh or extra foaming as I don’t want to use anything that will further irritate my skin.

Following up with a hydrating toner like the PCA Hydrating Toner before I add any other treatments or using a glycolic acid toner for a light layer of exfoliation.

Then I moisturize with the Acure night moisturizer which has evening primrose oil as well as avocado oil for rich moisture. I then spot treat any zits with the ZapZyt acne spot treatment. Incorporating Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil into my night routine helps with any acne scarring that may occur.

The End Result

My acne breakouts are an inconvenience at best. Sure they are annoying, but with anything new, I identify the problem and try my best to resolve it. I also take advice from a dermatologist as well as a trusted esthetician for product recommendations and techniques that will reduce scarring and dark spots. I eliminated birth control all together, but since I still menstruate, hormones are here for a while and still effect me monthly. I’ll link the products that I mentioned below. As usual, the products mentioned work best for my skin and skin type. Always seek professional guidance should you have specific questions for your skin.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you use if you suffer from acne or breakouts.

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