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Here is my confession: I am very, very hard on myself. No one has to tell me when my slip is showing, trust me, I’m fully aware of my mishaps. Life is what it is and sometimes, things don’t get done when and how I want them to. This week, for instance, I had a checklist a mile long, lots of things I wanted to accomplish in addition to my regular, everyday tasks. Work was busier than expected and at the moment I’m writing this, I’m batting a little food poisoning. So yeah, that to-do list is not getting done today.

In a previous life, I would have agonized over not checking off every item on my list before the sun went down. I would have stayed up late, did extra work after work, fought through the pain of this yucky illness, and kept pushing. But….grace. I remembered that showing myself some grace when I can’t get things done when I’m too tired, or not feeling well is a form of self-care. Love of self requires that I show myself kindness above anything else. Grace allows me to remember I am not a machine, sometimes I don’t have it and that is OK. There is always tomorrow, today, I rest.

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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