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Since I started this blog challenge at the beginning of July, making time to get my posts completed and posted on time has been a top priority. Admittedly, I am not a planning type of content creator. I am intuitive, meaning I’ll get an idea, put it in my notes app so I won’t forget it and then do it. No set schedule or time, I would just sit at my vanity, turn on my camera, and go. These last few weeks have shown me that getting serious about my blog and content creation beyond Instagram posts take a lot more planning than I thought. Plus, I work a full-time job that can be quite demanding during the week, oh and did I mention I’m moving in a few weeks? So yes, I’ve had to become accustomed to planning my content.

One thing I’ve learned from the Mattie James Ready, Set, Influence class is that picking a day where you carve out a couple of uninterrupted hours to plan and execute your content is crucial to success and keeping up with your blog. I’ve designated early Saturday afternoons for myself because Saturday is the time when I’m most relaxed and don’t have anything pressing that I have to get done. Between noon and 2 pm is when I’ve set aside to write out my posts and edit any photos that I’m using for that week. I put my phone on DND and set a “no scroll” timer on my phone. This way I won’t distract myself with scrolling mindlessly on social media when I’m supposed to be working. What I’ve noticed by implementing this two-hour rule for myself is that not only does it allow me to get my work done, but I can go through the rest of the weekend relaxing and knowing that I won’t have to scramble during the week to come up with topics for the blog and Instagram posts. Which brings me to my next point.

I make my content so that it will flow on every social platform that I use. When I write a blog post, I want to make sure that the visuals will translate well to my Instagram and Facebook pages. I may shoot a flatlay photo for use on the blog post but will have a detailed makeup look, or style look on the Gram so that the readers can get a good idea of what the post is about. If I am writing a post about red lipstick, I want to make sure I’m showcasing myself in a red lip and posting photos of the actual product. While I write on Saturdays, I’ll use some time on Sunday to do a makeup look, and shoot other photos that I may need for that week. I’m a team of one so I shoot and edit all on my iPhone. I usually take a ton of photos so that I’ll have a stockpile of photos ready to ensure the visuals will draw the reader to the blog, the IGTV post will help draw the viewer to my Youtube, etc..

Lastly, I’ve come to really appreciate scheduling posts for my blog and my Instagram. I don’t know why I’m just getting hip to how all these bomb content creators have amazing posts and captions everyday. Little did I know, scheduling apps are the plug. Finding the right app for me was a bit of trial and error because I didn’t want to pay for a premium membership without knowing what each one did and which would work best for me. Right now I am using the Preview app for scheduling my Insta posts and Canva for some amazing story ideas. This has been a HUGE timesaver for me. I can upload all of my Instagram posts and captions for the week and not have to stop what I’m doing to post every single day. My blog takes care of because once it is edited, I just click schedule for the day and time I want and don’t have to worry about it. Working smarter and not harder has helped me flourish in this blogging challenge.

How have you been doing with planning your content? Are there any hard and fast rules that you stick to when you’re writing or planning your posts? What are some of your favorite productivity tools that you use or would recommend to a new content creator?

Thanks for reading!

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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