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Allow me to reintroduce myself…..Since this blogging challenge has started,I am interacting with fellow bloggers and creatives across the socials and now is a good time to share some things about me. Those of you who know me probably know some of these things, those who are new here, welcome.

  1. I LOVE Makeup.

I’m a makeup fiend. I’ve worked with makeup in some capacity since 2012. I started taking classes and learning techniques and eventually worked in the retail capacity as an artist and as a freelance MUA. I wear makeup, I play in makeup, I blog about makeup, I made an entire YouTube channel where I do makeup tutorials and review makeup products. Makeup artistry is and always will be my first love.

2. I’m in my 40’s

44 to be exact, soon to be 45 Lord willing. I’m a late bloomer, I didn’t take any traditional routes after high school. I tried college right after HS but had no clue what I wanted to do with my life and I ended up dropping out several times eventually finishing in my 30’s. I really don’t feel like I got my footing in life until I was 30. I had some major life changes right around my 30th birthday and finally felt like I was fully embracing myself right around that time.

3. I’m Terrible at Planning Content

These are my confessions. I am an intuitive creator, ideas mostly flow to me then I execute. Planning is not my strong suit however, I realize now how important it is. Thanks to this blog challenge I chose to take part in, my planning and consistency muscles will get a good solid workout. There has to be a way to continue to create intuitively and still plan the content, right? Let’s hope so.

4. My Blog Name

My name is Lydia Marie, and I talk about and am a lover of all things beauty. This blog will showcase some tutorials, makeup techniques, beautiful clothing, photographs etc. The name sums up everything that I love.

5. I Am my Niche

I’ve struggled with “finding my niche” for a very long while because I didn’t and couldn’t just narrow myself down to a makeup artist or skincare enthusiast. While those things are both true, I’m also a single woman in her 40’s navigating life in a new city, building a life for myself that I am pleased with. I’m getting into photography and better at taking photos of myself and of my work. This blog, my Instagram and Youtube encompass all of these things. My story is my niche.

So, welcome to my blog. Stay tuned for some great content that I’m really proud to put out for you all.

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Thanks for reading!

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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