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I always joke that when I finally become wealthy, one of the first people that I’m hiring is a stylist. I don’t think that I have a personal style. That’s not to say that I can’t pull together a look that’s cute and flattering, but the art of style is lost on me. I’m a person who appreciates a beautiful aesthetic, I am a Libra after all. I admire when someone has the gift to see articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories and put together a beautiful look. My Mother has that gift, she can sew and put together an entire wardrobe of quirky or timeless outfits that I would never think of. When I was little she tried her best to get me to venture out with my style but I was determined to be boring. I love vibrant colors, but please don’t let me have to match them with patterned shoe or a blazer or a belt, I ‘m lost just typing this.

Since I don’t have that obscure eye for the fashion, I’ve ingrained my personal touches in my wardrobe to add a little razzle dazzle. One way I do that is through accessories, particularly unique earrings. I love bangles as well and recently got back into wearing rings again. As I am heading into year 45, I am finding that my choice of clothes are a lot more freeing than they used to be. I like my short shorts, and my dresses where no bra is required, the freer the better. This is in the summer of course and working from home has made me more anti-bra than usual. But if someone asks me, what is my style, I would honestly be all over the place. I like pretty things, that’s all I got. If I had to describe my style I would have to say it was comfy, chic and sexy. A classic black dress, a high heel, and a pair of stand out earrings and I’m good to go.

How important is your personal style? Do you know how you would categorize it? I’ve taken several style quizzes and most came back as classic or hippy chic, whatever that means. As long as I look good in what I’m wearing and am comfortable and coordinated, I think that will do for my style.

What are some staples in your wardrobe that would define your personal style? Are you low key with it or the more glamour the better?

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XOXO-Lydia Marie

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