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The days are getting shorter and shorter and the sun is going down while the evening news is still on. The way my body clock is set up, when the sun goes down that means it’s time to go to sleep. The problem is, going to sleep early and staying asleep is sometimes a struggle.

I’ve been trying a new bedtime routine that includes a warm shower or bath, a cup of tea and turning off my devices at least a half an hour before bed. So far, I’ve nailed two out of three (I mean, The Crown on Netflix keeps my attention well into the night). But there is something so magical and relaxing about a nice hot bath, with bubbles, because what’s a bath without bubbles? One of my favorite bath products to use is Dr. Teals Lavender epsom salts. Epsom salt is a natural and proven remedy for pain and relaxation. I remember hearing my elders say they needed to soak their feet in some epsom salt after a long day. I totally understand this now, not only is a great foot soak, but an all over body soak as well. This specific salt from Dr. Teal’s has the added benefit of lavender which we know is as a natural relaxant. It soothes the senses and eases the body into a relaxed state. Perfect for getting a good night’s rest. I add a couple of handfuls of salt to the bath as well as a capful (or two) of the Dr. Teal’s Lavender Sooth and Sleep Foaming bath. This combination works so well after a long day, not only relaxing my back and legs, but just an all over feeling of bliss.

After the bath, I make sure to hydrate and moisturize my skin by using a body oil while my skin is still dry. My favorites are the Neutrogena sesame oil and the Simply Loved Rose Oil by Simply by Sope. You can read about these favorites on a previous blog post here: 

Relaxed muscles, extra soft skin and then comes the cup of tea that has had time to cool while I have my bath. I love the Celestial Seasonings brand of vanilla sleepy-time tea. It eases you into sleep and doesn’t have any side effects that I’ve experienced. This tea on top of the bath, the oils, my amazing nighttime skincare routine and not to mention my always fresh sheets, ensures a night of easeful sleep. Something I know that we could all use.

Moment of honesty, I’ve tried meditation before bed but it really hasn’t worked well for ME. Sometimes I’ll listen to a guided meditation on Spotify, but usually they end up keeping me awake.

What is your nighttime routine? Do you have one for yourself, or any tried and true remedies I should add for a good nights rest?

Leave a comment below! Sleep well.

XOXO- Lydia Marie

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