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As a kid, as soon as the weather was warm there was no place I wanted to be but outside. The sun was up and I was out the door until the street lights came on. With the warm weather comes short shorts, endless sunshine and longer days. And for me, the hotter the weather the better. Maybe that comes from growing up in the cold Midwest, but winter is not my jam.

The global pandemic still rages on which means being safe, distanced and masked up. Still, I crave the outdoors, sunshine and being out in nature, safely of course. Earth Day is a perfect time to be outside amongst the trees, flowers and the elements. It’s spring, which for me, means allergies, but I’m willing to risk it to feel the sun on my face.

This past Sunday, I took myself out on a day date and went to the Botanical Gardens here in Charlotte. The grounds of the Botanical Gardens are absolutely breathtaking, trees, plants, flower gardens and fountains were in abundance. Of course, I took my camera out and tripod so that I can get some photos in this beautiful space. But more than anything, I just felt so good being able to walk around the paths, in the grass and among the flowers and catch my breath.

Getting Grounded

What is Grounding?

Studies have shown that something as simple as putting your bare feet in grass can help ground you and calm anxiety. From an article on, “Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that β€œground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth.” I don’t know about you, but I need a little grounding from time to time. When this is published, it will be Earth Day 2021, the perfect day to show yourself and the earth some love. Get outdoors, if you can, even for a walk or to sit on a park bench, get some fresh air.

In this past year, we’ve had no choice but to be indoors the majority of the time. Finally, we are slowly getting back to being able to (safely) be outside, more things are opening and summer is on the way. Take some time on this Earth Day to go outside. Soak up the beauty of nature and the powerful energizing sunshine. Truly, your body and spirit will thank you!

Take the time to smell the flowers

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