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This past work week was a struggle. It seemed like no matter how early I went to bed, no amount of sleep was enough. The bags and dark circles showed up and showed out. My usual eye cream was working overtime to keep up and I knew I needed something extra to help out. Normally, sheet masks are something I do about twice a month, but I didn’t an entire face mask this time. Needing something that targeted just my under eye are was my focus and I went on the hunt for under eye masks.

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Eye Masks

The same way that sheet masks treat and give your face an extra boost of nutrients and moisture, eye masks can do the same. They are convenient and portable and make it easy to use them on the go. I picked up a pair by the brand Pacifica Beauty from Target. The Eye Bright Under eye Vitamin C masks were easy to use and reduced my puffiness in about 10 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised with the ingredient of vitamin C giving the boost of brightness without any irritability to my sensitive under eye area. I kept the patches on for about 15 minutes, giving time for all of the serum to penetrate my eye. The patches left my under eye moisturized and I rubbed the remainder of the serum left over from the patches on my eye lid and under my brow for some extra attention.

I wear an eye cream daily, normally it is Clinique Pep Start eye cream. These help with keeping the under eye area hydrated and prepared for any makeup I’ll wear. The under eye area is the most sensitive area on your face, the skin is delicate and needs to be treated with extra care. Using serums and moisturizers under your eye can help with the application of concealer. Dry under eyes can look like dark circles, fine lines and bags. Keeping hydrated from the inside out and using sheet masks can help combat under eye fatigue.

I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these under eye masks. They were a nice mini treat that I did in the middle of the day. I sat with a book and some wine and just enjoyed the treatment, these masks are 5 dollars well spent. Do you use under eye mask? What is your favorite brand? You can purchase these sheet masks at Target using the affiliate link provided

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XOXO-Lydia Marie

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