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Fenty skin

Fenty Beauty keeps their foot on our collective necks with every single product release. In July, they released the much anticipated Fenty Skin collection. This consists of 3 products, a cleanser, toner/serum and a moisturizer with SPF. I was anxious to get my hands on the products but they quickly sold out and each time they were back in stock either I didn’t have the budget or every product I wanted to try was sold out. Thankfully, I have awesome friends and one of them sent me the entire set!

I received the product on September 14 and decided that I would document my use of the product for 14 days straight. My skin normally reacts to things after 10-14 days so I figured this was the perfect time to try these items out. I’d heard mixed reviews, some loved it, some absolutely hated it, but as usual, I always like to draw my own conclusions so that I may give an honest and in depth review.

As you know, I have dry-combination skin, mature skin. I tend to lean towards products that are hydrating and help with fine lines, dark spots and acne scars. The products in this line claim to do most of this. I decided to use these products as my morning routine for the last two weeks. I wanted to make sure I could incorporate the sunscreen into my daily use, so using the products in the morning helped a great deal.

Some quick thoughts: The Fat Water Toner/Serum is so, SO good. I really loved the formula of a gel toner vs liquid, it was not sticky and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all. It claims to be a pore refining toner and one that helps brighten dark marks, and I can say that for me, these claims are true. The Remove it All Cleanser was a good morning cleanser for me. What I will say is that it did not remove my makeup like I thought it would. I found that this cleanser worked well as a morning refresher, but if I wore makeup, I would use this as part of my double cleanse. Using my oil cleanser first and then using the Fenty cleanser secondary. It was hydrating and did not strip my skin, which is an important factor in my decision to keep using a product.

The SPF is FANTASTIC! I love an SPF that does not leave a white cast and one that doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. The Hydra Visor Sunscreen was actually hydrating, the fragrance was nice and light (think green tea) , and did not irritate my sinuses at all. I’ll be adding this SPF to my stash for sure.

For my complete review, click on the link below to my Youtube channel.

Have you purchased any Fenty Skin? Are you interested in any of the products?

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XOXO- Lydia Marie

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