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My skin and I have had quite the complicated relationship these past few years. One minute I’m riddled with hormonal acne taking over my jawline and chin, the next, my hyper-pigmentation is showing out in a major way. Until recently, I was always looking for the next best thing as a “cure” to my troublesome skin. In reality, my skin isn’t terrible, but it does have issues that I’ve been working on to have more healthy skin.

Recently I was gifted a skin care kit by blogger extraordinaire Aprill of,  the kit is from PCA Skin and is her personal picks called the Pigment Perfecters, you can view the products here:

This kit is made for and is said to deliver treatment of dark spots and discoloration, while evening the skin tone for healthier looking skin. Basically, this kit was made just for me. I was excited to try this for the reasons listed above, and because I trust skincare advice from Aprill, I knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong.

At the time of this post, I’d been using this kit for 12 days. I can honestly say that I’ve seen a significant difference in the brightness of my skin, and not just that, the best part for me was that my skin actually looks HEALTHY. It actually has a glow and clearness that I haven’t seen for quite sometime. I’m always pleased when I don’t feel the need to pile on makeup to cover my hyper-pigmentation. My favorite product from the kit is the Vitamin B3 brightening serum, using this along with the 45 SPF sunscreen in my morning routine had me glowing and showy all day. Truly, I’ve not seen my skin look this healthy for a long time.


Take a look at my complete review below:

Happy Skincare Sunday

XOXOXO-Lydia Marie

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