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Welcome to December! The countdown to Christmas has finally begun and I’m sure my beauty babes have been nice enough to get some great gifts this holiday. This year has been bananas and if you’re like me, you like to treat yourself and be treated to something pretty.

Since I’m being nosy, I want to know what is on your Christmas wish list. Whether it’s a beauty product, a new purse, a new phone, whatever, I want to know about it. Surprisingly, I have very few beauty items on my list, other than a couple of gift cards, I’m not excited about much makeup right now.

So let’s get into it, I’ll show you my list if you show me yours.

My top wish is a Canon camera, specifically the Canon Rebel t7 DSLR model. My iPhone has served me well with my blogging and content creation, but I’m more than ready to go to the next level. I like this camera because the package has everything a beginner like myself needs to learn to shoot like a pro. Check it out here:

Next up is the Pat McGrath Labs Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette: This gorgeous 18 pan eyeshadow palette is bigger than her normal sized palettes, she made the products a bigger size and even with 18 pans it is definitely affordable for this brand. It’s $78.00 retail at Sephora and if you know Mother Pat’s other eyeshadow palettes, they are normally $125.00, so yes, this is a bargain and I have been eyeing this for months. Here is the link:

Next on my list is the Kate Spade Maise dome satchel purse. I have been eyeing this purse forever, and with the major sale Kate Spade is having now (up to 75% off) I think this will be the thing I treat myself to this holiday season. I always love and need a good every day bag, and with the satchel purse, it’s just big enough to fit all of my essentials, including a planner into. And of course, I need it in black because who doesn’t need a black bag?

Lastly, I wish for gift cards from one of my favorite stores, HomeGoods. Since I moved, I’ve been in nesting mode, specifically with decorating my beauty room. I currently need wall art, some sort of seating and more lighting, shelves, all of that. Gift cards from Homegoods, Amazon, Target, I wish for them all.

So my list this year is pretty simple, and who knows, maybe someone will see this and grant me a wish or two. So what about you? What are you wishing for this Christmas? The season is tough for a lot of folks right now, myself included, so wish big. You never know who’s watching and who may grant your wish.

Happy Holidays!!

Lydia Marie

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