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  1. enjoy oneself in a luxurious way; take self-indulgent delight.
    “she was luxuriating in a long bath”


After a long day, I love nothing more than to take a long hot shower with my most fragrant body washes and scrubs. The feeling of the hot water and the steam on my skin combined with the soothing scent of my eucalyptus plant eases me into a state of complete relaxation. I take the time to appreciate my body and care for it by using the oils, and scrubs that will not only leave my skin smelling good but will also leave it soft and supple.

I love body oils for this reason. After a long hot bath, slathering my skin in a fragrant oil while my skin is still damp is the ultimate pampering. It’s something I’ve come to appreciate even more in my 40’s. My skin has always been on the dry side and as it is maturing, more moisture and hydration is required. Putting a luxurious body oil on my damp skin helps to ensure it stays moisturized throughout the day. Also, it just feels amazing, plain and simple. It’s a chance to continue the pampering outside of the shower.

I use three body oils in my arsenal right now. Two of the brands are made by Black women whom I absolutely adore. The first brand, Krazy Essentials has a dry body oil that is sublime! I have used the oil with the shimmer that gave my skin a nice sun kissed glow, and used the oil without the shimmer in the colder months. She carries the oils in many different scents that change with the seasons. These oils are not only fragrant but the ingredients she puts into them actually nourish my skin without leaving it greasy. Check out her site here:

The next brand is also a hand blended line of luxurious oils called SimplyxSope. I have the Simply Loved Oil which is rose scented and blended with other essential oils for the most delicious and divine scent you’ve ever experienced. I feel loved and cared for every time I use this oil after a bath. Check out her site for this oil and so much more:

Do you use body oils in your bath or shower? Have you noticed any difference in your skin after using them? What are some of your favorite brands?

Leave a comment and let me know how you take the time to bask in some luxury.

XOXOXO-Lydia Marie

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