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It’s Cozy Season!

As we get deeper into fall, the nights are getting chilly and all I want to do is stay home and get cozy. What better way to lounge around the house but in some cute pj’s or loungewear? I’ve recently founds come cute sets at Target, Marshall’s and Old Navy, all for bargain prices. All …

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Move Around- Moving Successfully During a Pandemic

I think we can all agree that whether you are moving up the street or across the country, moving sucks. The sorting, packing, hiring movers or, god forbid, moving yourself, the unpacking…it’s all so much. I’ve been in this place for two years now and I’m moving to new, bigger space on a new side …

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You Are The Special Occasion

“Every day you’re alive is a special occasion”- Unknown Yesterday started as just another mundane Wednesday. Nothing particularly awesome or terrible about the day, just the middle of the week sameness. This week working from home, I found myself looking a mess around the house. Yes, I’m just around the house and I’m here alone …