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Red lipstick is always in season and in fashion. But there is something special about donning a fabulous red lipstick during the holidays that make you feel extra festive. By now, you’ve probably found your signature red, but if you haven’t, I’m going to give you a rundown of some of the best to try this holiday season.

If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I firmly believe there is a red lipstick for everyone. No matter your skin tone, age, or style preference, I assure you, I can find you a red lipstick. For the holidays, we’ll be doing a lot of eating, socializing and drinking, so finding a red lip that looks fabulous and is long lasting is key. I have many red lipsticks that I deem my favorites, but for the sake of time I’ve narrowed my favorite holiday lips down to five.

First up is a twist on a classic, MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour -$27. This fall, MAC Cosmetics released the classic Ruby Woo in 6 product collection called Rub’s Crew. The Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour is a great alternative to the super matte formula of Ruby Woo. It glides on smooth and dries down to a nice, velvet matte. Ruby Boo made me fall in love with this classic red again, and I think that you will too!

Next up is a vibrant red shade that will have you locking lips under the mistletoe all night. NYX Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Lipstick-Stamina leans on the cherry side and while it is a liquid lip, it dries down to a soft matte finish. The best part, this only costs about $8.

Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom– $17– Cherry Blossom remains on my list of favorites because it is just SO good. Every time I wear this, I feel like a take no prisoners vixen. Because this is a blue- based red, it’s honestly a shade that looks amazing on every single skin tone. Cherry Blossom is a also a matte lipstick, so you won’t need to worry about re-applying it for hours.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain – Cherry Moon -$14- If you’re more of a cool-toned red type, Sephora Collection Cherry Moon is the lippie for you. This is a dark red, matte lipstick, perfect for the dance all night holiday parties. As a tip: Pair this with a cherry lip pencil for extra intensity.

Finally, my absolute favorite, ride or die red lipstick is Maybelline Red Revival. If you’re a new reader, allow me to introduce you to this beautiful, super affordable lipstick. We all know Maybelline is a classic beauty brand, and this red lip falls right in line with the classics. It’s a satin finish and comes in a tube, so keep a couple extra in your purse and in your vanity.

Here are some tips to picking and wearing red lipstick:

  • Blue-based reds look good on everyone. If you’re unsure about which shade to purchase, go for something with blue undertones
  • Lip liner is necessary, especially with a liquid, matte lipstick. Lip liner not only prevents your lipstick from bleeding, but it will add depth to your lip look.
  • Apply matte lip colors with a lip brush. A lip brush allows for precise application, basically it makes it easier to color within the lines.

I want to know what your favorite red lipstick is? What do you love to wear year round and at the holidays? Let me know in the comments and check out my full Youtube video below showing you my favorite shades.

Happy Holidays!

Lydia Marie


  1. A lip brush meaning something other than the applicator stick that comes in the tube, or is that enough? I’m always looking to get that super velvety look I see other people have with their mattes!

    And thanks for the suggestion of these! I’m hoping to up my red selection this holiday season ❤️

    1. Hey Mal!

      Yes, a lip pencil is a small makeup brush made for lipstick. It’s narrow and has a small flat and somewhat dense head. Usually about 3 bucks. But, as a trick, if you have a wand in a liquid lipstick tube, you can definitely use that just put as little as possible on the wand and apply it is small, light strokes until you get the desired effect. Thanks for reading!

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