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How Many Makeup Mistakes Have I Made? Let Me Count the Ways.

I’ve been doing my own makeup for many years now. Like the old slogan goes “I’ve come a long way, baby.” When I first started out, I tried to keep up and do every single trend that I saw on YouTube, it was terrible in many ways. The harsh contour, the block/unibrow, a terrible version …

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You Are The Special Occasion

“Every day you’re alive is a special occasion”- Unknown Yesterday started as just another mundane Wednesday. Nothing particularly awesome or terrible about the day, just the middle of the week sameness. This week working from home, I found myself looking a mess around the house. Yes, I’m just around the house and I’m here alone …

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Save Your Coin: Beauty Products that You Don’t Need to Splurge On

I don’t know about you but these days I’m trying to save a coin or two. Times are uncertain, this world is literally on fire and the last thing I want to do is spend unnecessarily. You all know I’m a makeup addict. I mean, I had to put myself on a strict no spend …