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It’s been almost a year since I’ve stepped foot inside a nail salon. I used to have a regular monthly appointment for a mani-pedi, but with COVID, all of that stopped. The good thing is, Press- On nails have been saving my hands from boredom. I’ve discovered my new love for press-on nails and for two years, I haven’t looked back.

While it can be a treat to go to the salon and get a mani-pedi, during the pandemic I’ve found ways to taking care of my feet and my nails at home.

The press on nails of today have come a long way from when I was younger. The new press ons have all shapes, colors and lengths. From the popular stiletto style to almond shaped, I’ve tried almost all of them. Below I’ll list a couple of my favorite pair, all of them are super affordable and can be picked up at your local drug store.

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Press On Nails Variety

Whether you wear short and square shaped or long coffin shape, the press on nails have something for everyone. One of the best sets I wore was from Ardell Beauty Nail addict collection. It is purple and pink with some metallic and bling on top. (See the top photo) The almond shape made the nails functional and they were just long enough to give them an elegant feel. These cost $7.99 from Target and lasted for a full 7 days of wear. You can shop this set here:

Watch me apply my press on nails here:

Press On Nails That Look Expensive

The next set is from KISS Nails and it is the Salon acrylic French Nails. These were probably my favorite pair. Not only were they super wearable, but they were durable and stood up to dish washing, washing my hands and typing. I wore them for about 8 days and they held up the entire time. These nails were elegant and very feminine. I will definitely purchase these again, I got them at Ulta for just $10.99

Get Creative With Your Press On Nails

Lastly, this ballerina shaped, purple ombre nail set is also from KISS Masterpiece Luxe Mani collection. This beautiful set I also got from Ulta for $10.99. This is not an acrylic set but they were just as durable and I kept them on for 6 days. What I love about this set is not only the shape, but the blinged out accent nails that come with it. This set is very trendy with the ombre and also classic with the sparkly accent nails. I used these twice and I’m on the hunt for another box. You can purchase these here:

Ballerina Press On Nails

The Long and Short

To be frank, I don’t know when I’ll feel comfortable going to a salon for a nail appointment. In the meantime I’m having fun trying out a new set of nails weekly. I make sure to treat my nails in between applications and remove all of the glue from my nails before applying a new set.

Do you wear press on nails? What are your favorite brands. i’ll be looking for some Black woman owned nail companies to purchase from as well. If you know any, drop the information in my comments.


  1. Ooo I love kiss press ons they are indeed the best I’ve tried. I want to try stuff on amazon but I’m so afraid x.x great review and also your makeup looks bomb! What lipstick was that? ❀❀

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