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ELF ThumbnailAs the cooler temperatures approach, I am updating my skin care routine for the drier weather. Adding in extra hydration, exfoliating and serums to protect and seal in the moisture are essential for keeping my parched skin in good shape.

I browsed Ulta for some new goodies and came across the ELF skin care Jet Set Hydration Kit. This kit includes 5 mini size products including an eye cream, day and night moisturizer, a toner stick as well as daily cleanser. This set retails for $15.00

I also purchased the Super Clarify Cleanser. This cleanser claims to remove dirt and makeup in a gel formula that helps improve the appearance of pores with the power ingredient of niacinamide. I used this cleanser as a part of my double cleanse routine after wearing makeup all day. It was effective in removing excess makeup and didn’t leave my skin stripped or feeling dry.

See my full review in the Youtube video below:

Have you tried any of the new ELF skin care?

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XOXO- Lydia Marie

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