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Waxing my upper lip at home was not fun. I don’t know who told the lie that at home waxing was easier than at the salon but they are very wrong. I had the bright idea to try some lip and bikini waxing at home because I’m personally not ready for an in person salon visit. Figuring the worst that could happen would be I would pass out from the pain or chicken out after doing one side, I forged ahead. The only way I got through it was by recording myself and talking it out. Yes, I am that dramatic and yes, it still hurt.

What’s In The Kit

For this experiment, I used the Sally Hansen at-home wax strips for face and bikini. The kit comes with 34 total strips in 3 different sizes. It also came with a finishing oil to sooth the area and remove the excess wax. The large and medium size are the ones I used for the bikini area and the smallest ones I used on my upper lip. The strips were easy enough to use, you just rub the strip in your palms to warm the wax, peel and place on the correct area. The key, I found out, was to make sure you know which direction your hair grows in. Also, pulling the strip in the opposite direction of how your hair grows. Count to three, say a prayer and pull.

Well, This is Awkward

Of course, I wanted to try the bikini strips, because I obviously like pain. This was not recorded, for obvious reasons, and it definitely took some maneuvering to get it right. After going back and forth trying to decide if I should lay down or stand up, I decided to stand. Laying a mirror down so I could see, I awkwardly propped one leg up, managed to get the strip in the right place (it took three tries). This time I counted to five, closed my eyes and pulled. It hurt like hell and to my horror I realized I had to do this a few more times. Who’s idea was this again? Why exactly is this a thing? WHAT WAS I THINKING? Now, I am not new to bikini waxes or full on Brazilians, but I’ve never done them at home. Never even considered it, and why would I when there are lovely trained professionals? Those professionals know how to get the area primed and soothe you before they snatch you. Remind me the next time I see my esthetician to tip them double.

I’ll Leave It to The Professionals

Doing self maintenance during the pandemic has been something I’m mostly accustomed to. Waxing was my newest venture and for me, I’ll let the professionals handle it. The upper lip wasn’t unbearable and if need be, I could do I again. The bikini line will do what it does until the next time I get to a salon, I’ve gone this long and a few more months won’t kill me. At the very least I can say that I tried something new and I now know for sure, I don’t need to do it again. Have you tried at home waxing? What did you use and how did you like it?

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