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My morning skincare routine is pretty simple. Currently, I have 5 products in my morning skincare routine that are simple but effective. I had to be real with myself and know that I was not going to commit to a ten step routine every day. And to be honest, some days, I’ll manage to wash my face and apply sunscreen and keep it moving.

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The thing about building my morning routine was that I knew that I had to keep it simple. What I needed in this 5 step routine was a good cleanser (or micellar water), toner, a serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. That’s it, and that’s more than enough to have a routine that’s effective.

Here are the 5 products in my morning skincare routine that I swear by. The brands may change, and like I said above, some days, only two of these things make it into my routine. However, getting this routine down pat has been a time and budget saver.

Morning Cleansers

If you’re new here, you should know I hold strong to the belief that cleanser should be the least expensive product in your morning routine. Once you massage them into your skin for 60 seconds, you rinse it off and down the drain it goes. So I love a good, affordable cleanser like the Good Molecules Rosewater Gel Cleanser. It’s under $15 and is gentle enough to cleanse without leaving my skin stripped. Micellar water is a water infused cleanser that removes oil, dirt and makeup and you don’t have to rinse it off.

Morning Toner

To some, toners are not an important part or even a part of their routine. For me, toners are necessary and an enjoyable part of my morning routine. After cleansing. using a toner helps prep your skin for the next products like your serums and moisturizers and also help remove any excess oil or dirt that may be missed by your cleanser.

Personally, I like a hydrating toner in the morning like the Indie Lee C0q 10 Toner, it’s formulated with aloe vera and cucumber and is also alcohol-free. On the days when I want a facial mist, I love the very affordable BYOMA Balancing Facial Mist. It’s lighter, but still hydrating and a perfect way to refresh my skin.

Morning Serums

Listen, the money that I’m not spending on expensive cleanser is being used for my serums. Serums are the secret weapons in my skincare routine and in the mornings, I need my Vitamin C. Vitamin C serums are great in reducing my hyper-pigmentation, dryness and uneven skin tone. Naturim Vitamin C Complex Serum is my new affordable bestie. It’s lightweight and super hydrating and applies well under my makeup.

Also, I alternate with a super hydrating serum in the a.m. The Derma E Ultra Hydrating Dewey Serum does just what it says, provide ultra hydration and a nice, dewey glow. Applying a drop of this on damp skin will have you prepped and ready for your moisturizer.

Morning Moisturizer

When it comes to my morning moisturizers, these are lightweight, gel textured and just enough to pair well with my serums. Since my skin is more dry, pairing a moisturizer in the morning gives me the extra boost of all day hydration that I need. I was sent the Versed Weekend Glow Daily Moisturizer to try a few months ago and I really like this for a daily moisturizer. This also has Vitamin C so it gives the glow along with hydration.

The Dewey Skin Cream by Tatcha has been a staple in my morning routine for years. This is a moisturizer that fully hydrates and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but to me, it’s been worth it.

The Most Important Step

Allow me to get on my soapbox for a second. A morning skincare routine is not complete with an application of sunscreen. No matter how thoroughly I cleanse, hydrate and moisturize, without adding a sunscreen for protection, all the other steps are null.

Usually I go for an SPF that is 35 or higher like the SuperGoop GlowScreen SPF 40. This sunscreen leaves no white cast, doesn’t feel greasy and works well for me as a makeup primer. I recently added the Paula’s Choice Resist Daily SPF 50 to my sunscreen collection and so far, I’m pleased with how it wears and definitely with the SPF 50.

These 5 products in my morning routine have been the easiest and most effective for me over these last few months. I’ve got it down to a science of products that are affordable, easy to use and will give my skin the protection and nourishment it needs. What products are you using in your morning routine? Do you keep your morning routine simple or go all out? Sound off in the comments.

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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