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A good skin serum is the secret weapon in your skincare routine. The drugstore has really been a gem to find some of the best serums for under $25. For ages, I thought you had to spend tons of money to get the benefits of a good serum. But after doing some research and lots of trial and error, the drugstore saved my skin and my pockets.

Why do you need a serum in your skincare routine, you ask? Well, serums are packed with beneficial ingredients that are made to target specific skin concerns like dullness, clogged pores, redness and dryness. Your specific skin type will help determine which serums you need to focus on. For instance, I have dry skin so I look for serums that not only provide moisture, but focus on replenishing and gently exfoliating dead skin for a more even, toned and hydrated complexion.

Below are some of the best drugstore serums that I’ve found and have been using and all of them cost under $25.

BLISS Bright Idea Vitamin C Serum– Vitamin C is a skincare essential and the Bright Idea Serum from Bliss packs a powerful punch of hydration, brightening and plump skin. This retails at Ulta for $21

NO7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advance Serum– This lightweight, ultra hydrating serum can be used day or night and is a perfect pair for your other moisturizers. Fragrance-free, it’s great for sensitive and oily skin. This retails for 21.99

DermaE Vitamin C Glow Face Oil– This vitamin C face oil doubles as a moisturizer and serum in one with healing ingredients like turmeric and superfood raspberry oil, which soothes redness and irritation. This serum is a little heavy so I like to wear this at night and give it time for my skin to absorb all of the benefits. This oil is at Ulta for 20.00

Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum– With consistent use, I found this serum to live up to it’s claims of brightening my complexion over time. It has a gel like formula and a droplet as it’s dispenser making it easy to get just the right amount. This retails for $8

ACURE Radically Rejuvenating Retinol Serum– If you’re searching for the best overnight serum treatment, then this is it. This retinol serum treats dryness, fine lines and improves skins appearance all while you sleep. This retails for $19.99

As usual, these serums are some of the best that i’ve tried and that have worked well for me. I did note that most of these work well with those with sensitive skin as well. Let me know which drugstore serum is your favorite. If you’d like to know why you should add serums to your routine, check out the blog post here where I broke it all down:

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