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Well, winter has finally descended on North Carolina and it is cold outside. My skin is showing that winter is indeed here, because my ash has been outstanding all week long. Yes, that’s right, my hands and elbows have been extra ashy with the colder temperatures. Luckily, I have all the affordable body oils that I need to kiss my ASH goodbye!

Body Oils vs Lotion

Lotions by themselves just don’t cut it for me. For me, layering my skincare starting in the shower with my hydrating body wash. In this post My Cold Weather Skincare Routine, I listed out my favorite shower products to use to make sure my skin could withstand dryness that comes with cold weather. Body oils take your moisture to another level, especially fresh out of the shower. Both body oils and lotion work to moisturize the skin, but there is a slight difference in the two. Oils sink into the skin, which is why it’s beneficial to apply them when your skin is still damp from the bath. Lotions are partly water-based and are great for treating dry skin, especially with added ingredients like hyaluronic acid. So, this is why I am adamant about layering my oil and lotions.

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Affordable Drugstore Options

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When I choose a body oil, I like one that is vegetable oil based, like jojoba, almond or avocado. All of these ingredients will help repair the skin’s barrier. One of my favorites is the Trader Joe’s Lemongrass Coconut Body oil, which has both almond and jojoba. Trader Joe’s Lemongrass Coconut Body Oil-$8.99 in stores. Next up is a new one to my collection and it’s the Soap & Glory Get Enriched Quick Nourishing Bath and Body Oil. Soap & Glory Quick Nourishing Oil-$13.99. This oil not only smells amazing but boasts Vitamin E, Argan and Sweet Almond Oil, perfect for every day use. Lastly, there is the OG of affordable body oils. Neutrogena Lightweight Body Oil with Sesame oil. Neutrogena Lightweight Body Oil– $14.99. Ok, to be fair, I know this one is more of a cult favorite than the most nourishing with more hydrating oils, but it works great, is fast absorbing and smells amazing.

Overall, the best thing we can do in the winter is to make sure your skin is protected and hydrated, and with these affordable body oils, that will be a breeze.

Let me know in the comments which body oil you suggest I try or what body oil is your favorite.

XOXO- Lydia Marie

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