Baby, Take it Off

You all know I wear my fair share of makeup. A precise and clean makeup application is important to me and something I’ve worked to perfect. Just as important though is removing my makeup and properly treating my skin after wearing a full face. Even on days when I wear something light like concealer and blush, I still make sure to clean my skin well and properly treat and hydrate it.

I recently posted a video on my Instagram feed showing the products and treatments I used while I took off my face. Taking off your makeup before you lay down at night should be top on your list. Sorry sis, but there is no excuse. Even if you use a cotton ball and some micellar water, wash the products off of your face. The GOAT Naomi Campbell said she never, ever skips washing her face at night. No matter how late she got in from working or partying, she always removes her makeup before laying down. Now if THEE Naomi Campbell can take a minute to cleanse her makeup, surely we can too.

In this video I had on foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and the works. So I took extra care to double cleanse my face, hence the extra steps.

First, I used Garnier Micellar water to clean my eye makeup off. This makeup remover is gentle enough for my sensitive eyes and using a cotton ball instead of a makeup wipe, will lessen the tugging around the fragile skin of the eyes.

Next I use a makeup wipe from the Target brand Up&Up. It’s a sensitive skin wipe as well and it works well with removing face makeup and mascara.

The next step, and probably my favorite is the oil cleansing. In a previous blog post where I talked about oil cleansing, You can read that here:https://www.beautybylmarie.com/post/the-oil-cleansing-method-why-i-m-a-believer

I used the DHC Oil to remove my makeup, I take a few pumps and massage it into my face and over my eyelids to get any remaining eye makeup off. I do this for at least 3 minutes to ensure the oil has been penetrated and lifted the makeup from my skin. After I have massaged it in, I take a hot towel and wipe my face, letting the steam and the oil remove all of the excess makeup. I use the hot towel a few times and I promise, it feels like a mini spa treatment.

After I oil cleanse, I’ll double cleanse with my normal face wash, my CeraVe Hydrating cleanser is my go-to and this cleanser is a gel formula so it is no foam, but it gently cleanses and hydrates which is important after using wipes and stripping my skin.

The last steps are my serums, essences and my nightly moisturizer. Of course we know that the essence prepares the skin for absorbing the serums and the serums help absorb the hydration and moisturizers.

What steps do you use to remove your makeup at night? Healthy skin makes for a better makeup application, so I hope this post will encourage you to remove your makeup thoroughly. Even if you are wearing a little bit or a full beat face, make sure it does not go to bed with you. I’m not judging, well not much anyway. I just want you to take care of your skin so that your makeup looks flawless!

Until next time

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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