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Make Me Blush

I’m wearing less makeup these days since I’m in the house the majority of the time. When I do decide to put on a little face, it’s usually concealer, gloss, a brow, and blush. Always, ALWAYS blush. Blush is the one product that gives me just the right of razzle-dazzle and really is the cherry on top to my makeup application. It adds a glow and creates balance to a clean and smooth canvas made by foundation and powder. Skipping blush in a makeup look is not an option for me.

Blush is the magic tool to many makeup looks you admire. Whether they wear a little or a lot, the purpose of blush is not only to add dimension back to the face, but it also brings the eyes and face makeup together and makes them look more cohesive.

Not sure to start with blush? No problem. I really think that this product gets a bad wrap because it is used in a comedic way with a heavy handed application in a glaring shade. If you are a woman of color, I’d suggesting starting with a soft pink or coral blush. Both of these shades add the perfect flush of color to brown skin tones. For fairer skin, try a light peach or soft rose tone. These colors enhance instead of washing out fair skin.

How you wear your blush is up to you. I tend to wear mine on the apples of my cheeks and blend the color up towards my hairline. This is the universal application that is essential flattering on most facial shapes. I am a bit more dramatic with my blush and prefer to wear it on my cheeks and up to my temple. This method is called draping because it chisels a shaper shape into the face. It is a very fabulous 80’s style way to wear blush and I absolutely love the drama.

Some of my favorite brands and shades of blush pictured above-

Sephora Collection blush in the shade Hot Flush. This is the most perfect orange/coral toned blush and it has a little shimmer so that it can be used as a highlighter as well. Perfect for brown skinned girls. This blush retails for $14.00 on

Milani Baked Blush in the shade Coralina – Another coral blush with flecks of gold, this is perfect for the warmer months. Applying this shade on the apples of your cheeks and on the temples provides a nice sun-kissed glow. This blush retails at $6.99 on

Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Blush- Strawberry Drip. This is a cream formula blush that is a bright strawberry pink. It applies a lot lighter than it looks and can be built up for a more dramatic look or a light application for a nice flush of color. This retails for $20.00 on

What’s your favorite shade of blush? Are you a cream or powder blush lover?

Leave a comment below and as always, thanks for reading.

XOXO-Lydia Marie

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  1. thepomadeshop says:

    Nice post! You have inspired me to try wearing blush as blush instead of just using it as eyeshadow (although I really like it that way too).

  2. Lydia Marie says:

    @thepomadeshop, I like repurposing my beauty products so I get it. I often use eyeshadow over lip gloss to add some color or shimmer. Make it work for you, that’s what I say. Thanks for reading!

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