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I don’t know about you but I LOVE working from home. I absolutely love being able to work at my pace, no distractions, and no incessant early morning office chatter. The moment they announced we would need to work from home from for the foreseeable future, I felt lighter and less anxious than I’d been in months. I’ve also worked from home before in a previous role, so I felt comfortable getting in the groove of my 9 to 5.

One thing I had to make sure I did was establish a morning routine. The discipline of getting up on time (most days, let’s be real) and actually getting prepared to work was required for me to be successful. What I quickly found out was that rolling out of bed and right to my desk was not the move. In the mornings, I need to actually wake up, fully before I can process anything work-related. Below I list some of the ways I prepare myself for the workday. Let me know if you have a routine or do any of these things to get yourself prepared for the day.

1- Morning Yoga. Getting a good stretch in before I have to sit all day not only improves my mood but helps me focus. I know, it sounds corny and new age, but hear me out. I do a routine that is between 15 and 20 minutes of light stretches and that focuses on waking up the body. It also gives me a chance to breathe deep and shake the sleep fog off. At the end of the practice, I get a little prayer of gratitude in and then I’m ready to keep it moving

2- My skincare routine- Even if I’m not going out for the day or wearing makeup, I never skimp out on my morning skincare routine. Since there have been no nail salon or hair appointments, my skincare has become my much needed spa break. It’s a small moment of luxury I allow myself before I get started on my day.

3- Changing out of pajamas- I cannot work in pajamas, I just can’t. I need to wash up, put on a headwrap, or pull my hair into a bun and put on some actual clothes. Even if it’s a loungewear set, I have to put on real clothes. Shorts and a tee-shirt, a comfy sundress or even some leggings, real clothes are a must. Some days I’ll do some light makeup and make sure my hair looks decent. Looking good makes me feel good, sounds cliche but it works.

4- Water, Coffee, and Breakfast- Most mornings I wake up ravenous and thirsty. I keep my water jug filled up at all times. When I get up and brush my teeth, the next thing is drinking at least a glass or two of water. I’m that thirsty. Coffee is a given, I mean when I worked in the office my coffee maker would be set to start brewing when my alarm went off. Breakfast is normally toast or an egg of some sort and more coffee. I don’t know about you but I can’t focus when I’m hungry or caffeine deprived.

5. This one is major for me- No screen time for the first hour after I wake up. My phone is on DND from 10 pm until 7 am every single day. I had a bad habit of rolling over and before the crust was wiped from my eyes, I was scrolling Twitter or Instagram. Taking in all of the energy from a timeline, seeing bad news stories and liking photos before I was even out of the bed. It really set the tone in a negative way for my day. I’ve noticed that since I don’t look at my phone or open any apps for the first hour, I have the chance to focus on my own thoughts and feelings. This also gives me a chance to pray or write out my prayers and really get centered. Making sure that I check in with myself before I check social media is the most necessary part of my morning routine.

Since working from home, have you established a routine? Is it any different from what you normally did? Leave a comment below.

XOXOXO-Lydia Marie

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